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Medical Grade Adhesives have been approved by the Department of Health for the treatment of Varicose Veins

This is fantastic news for those people suffering from varicose vein disease !!

Earlier this year the Department of Health has added to the Medicare Benefit Scheme the use of Medical Grade Adhesives (Cyanoacrylate).

What this means that there is finally a rebate available to patients who fulfil the required criteria for access to the Medicare Benefit Scheme.

At Specialist Vein Care we are proud to offer VenoBlock and VeinOff.

What is VenoBlock and VeinOff?

This is essentially medical grade superglue. The product is a form of cyanoacrylate, similar to that used in a host of other medical areas such as closing skin lacerations. It is used by orthopaedics, interventional radiologists to close off brain aneurysms and by dentists amongst others.

These adhesives are extremely safe.

Once injected into the diseased vein they act by sealing the vein which then disintegrates and gets reabsorbed.

Once injected into vein the glue sets within seconds.

Several veins can be treated at the same time.

VenoBlock and VeinOff are extremely efficacious with much published data backing up their effectiveness and safety.

Their specific uses vary slightly depending on the size of the vein, its length and its depth in the leg.

There are many advantages to this form of therapy including:

  • Rapid treatment. Few minutes.
  • No risk of skin burns or nerve damage.
  • No need for tumescent anaesthetic, nerve block or general anaesthetic.
  • No need for compression stockings.
  • Immediate return to normal duties and activities.

At Specialist Vein Care, Dr. Ivor Berman and his staff are specialists in the diagnosis and treatment of vein disease, utilising minimally invasive procedures.

Depending on your particular circumstance, the best form of therapy would be determined.

We can discuss your particular venous issue, discuss options (including the potential use of Medical adhesives if appropriate), creating an individualised treatment plan if required.

To make an appointment today to have your venous disease assessed by Dr Berman, please phone 03 9561 5155.

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