Are Varicose Veins Curable Without Surgery?

Modern medical technology has for many years now provided non-surgical solutions to traditional surgical varicose vein treatment. These new techniques minimise the invasiveness of the varicose vein treatment and remove the need for hospitalisation and general anaesthesia. From a recovery standpoint, the patient this much quicker.

So which treatment is more effective and are varicose veins curable without surgery?

The short answer to the second question is that treatment of varicose veins by any method is one of “control” rather than cure, as no method of therapy can prevent the natural history of vein disease which is that of recurrence. In answer to the first question, the results with the non-surgical methods should give anyone with varicose vein disease confidence as discussed below.

The American Venous Forum and the Society for Vascular Surgery as well as the European Society for Vascular Surgery recommend that non-surgical methods of venous therapy including endovenous thermal ablation and ultrasound guided sclerotherapy are recommended over surgical treatment. Up until recently studies have shown no significant difference in the long term recurrence of varicose veins. However recent studies have shown a better long term outcome with reduced recurrence with the non-surgical treatment options.

In addition, there is no doubt that the non-surgical methods are preferred due to lower complications including reduced rates of nerve damage, infection and haematoma, reduced discomfort post procedure and with faster return to normal activities, work and sport. One of the questions that is generally asked is whether treating the affected area will lead to an emergence of the problem elsewhere. The short answer to that is no. New veins may develop over time, however we are uncertain as to its cause and this is not preventable. This can occur irrespective of the method of therapy.

There is also a level of misinformation about the success of non-invasive varicose vein treatment for those with severe varicose vein disease. In other words; that the non-invasive methods of treatment are only valuable or possible in those with minor disease. This is absolutely incorrect. The non-surgical methods are effective irrespective of the severity of the disease. It is actually the opposite. Non-surgical means are not only as effective as surgery for severe disease but it is also recommended for minor disease that would not be readily treated by surgery.

A specialist physician working in this area has a number non-invasive varicose vein procedures on the table as part of any treatment plan and these are tailored to the patient’s individual needs. I strongly believe that people should take control of their own health and obtain as much information as possible to make an informed decision as to the best way to treat their individual problem. Although there is no miracle cure or treatment for varicose veins the best way of treating varicose vein disease is becoming clear with the current non- surgical methods being just as good and likely better than the traditional methods and in addition with far less complications and a much quicker return to normal activities.

At Specialist Vein Care, Dr. Ivor Berman and his staff are specialists in the diagnosis and treatment of vein disease, utilising minimally invasive procedures. We can discuss your particular venous issue, discuss options and create an individualised treatment plan if required. To make an appointment today to have your venous disease assessed by Dr Berman, please phone 9561 5155.

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