Microsclerotherapy: The Best Non Invasive Treatment For Spider Veins

Spider Veins on Leg

Visible veins can easily be overlooked yet they can require a more in-depth exploration to determine whether there’s a health concern or larger medical issue that needs addressing.

In reference to the small, purple and blue veins commonly found on the legs or face, spider veins are simply clusters of tiny blood vessels that develop closer to the surface of the skin.

While there are a multitude of ways to remove of these unsightly veins, some methods of laser removal can be invasive and quite painful.

The gold standard for spider vein removal remains injection sclerotherapy.

At our Melbourne based clinic, Specialist Vein Care, we offer multiple products for spider vein removal. These products include Polidocanol (Aethoxysklerol), Fibrovein (Sodium tetradecyl sulphate) and 20% Normal Saline, we provide microsclerotherapy to treat even the smallest spider veins.

What is included in a microsclerotherapy treatment?

A microsclerotherapy session typically takes anywhere between 15-45 minutes long to perform. The method essentially involves ultra-fine needles being used to inject a solution into the spider veins causing them to disappear. Depending on the response of the veins to the therapy, as well as the number of veins requiring treatment, patients may require variable number of injections which may need to be repeated over several sessions.

Benefits of treating spider veins with microsclerotherapy

Despite the advances in laser therapy, injection sclerotherapy remains the best and most reliable method.

With regular treatments, most patients can expect at least 70% improvement in the appearance of spider veins.

Another key benefit of the microsclerotherapy method of removal is that it is less painful compared to other laser solutions. The development and use of ultra-fine needles also means a less invasive treatment that has proven to be more comfortable for patients.

Not uncommonly the surface veins are fed by slightly larger deeper veins that may or may not be visible to the naked eye. Hence we always use ultrasound in combination to ensure that there are no underlying abnormal veins contributing to the surface disease.

If these are present they should be treated otherwise the results may be suboptimal. These are treated in the same session.

At Specialist Vein Care, Dr. Ivor Berman and his staff are specialists in the diagnosis and treatment of vein disease, utilising minimally invasive procedures such as sclerotherapy. Every patient that we see is carefully uated and the best treatment regime for each patient is determined and discussed.

To make an appointment to discuss your particular venous issue and to have your venous disease assessed by Dr Berman, please phone 9561 5155.

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